A World of Opportunity

Self-development programme

Project info:

Formal education in Eastern Europe turns top performers in all fields of science and arts. However, while this is true at the top, the population disengagement rates steadily increased to alarming numbers. Year on year, school absenteeism is cementing as the norm, with more and more students reporting they see little value in the subjects they have to study for almost 7 hours every day during their high-school years. Our initiative attempts to draw from what the system is doing great, while addressing the gap between the wants of the students and the perceived offering of formal education.

We’re attempting this by first working with charismatic professionals from different industries to offer a series of talks in high-school. The aim of this phase is to inspire students and anchor them in the reality of the jobs they truly can relate to. The professionals are instructed to link their experience back to useful school insights and relevant curriculum material that proved to be particularly useful to them.

In the second phase, we engage teachers on a path towards an education grounded in today's reality (outcomes based), rather than stopping at the abstract. By opening up the hearts of students, and fostering a new approach among the teachers, we believe we can kick-start a sustainable reaction that will result in increased life-long performance and fulfilment (for all involved).

  • Project lead: Peter
  • Timeframe: Second term of the academic year
  • Audience: FY High-school students
  • Partners: PS2, CNGBC