Actors Accelerator

Introduction to the art of theatre to kids

Project Info:

Structured across 3 complementary modules, this project aims to introduce participants to the world of theatre, drama, and creative arts.

Module 1 is designed to introduce participants to the craft and art of theatre, while stimulating their ability to express themselves clearly and creatively. The children are invited to participate in activities to increase coordination and awareness to exterior factors. We encourage teamwork and communication (both verbal and non-verbal).

Module 2 is built around a series of lessons and workshops in acting and other roles around theatre (such as scenography or directing). The exercises at this stage challenge the ability articulate, improvise, empathise and project emotions and inner states. The sessions are delivered around a selection of moments from classic plays, and in partnership with a number of professionals to contextualise the learning process.

Module 3 engages the children in the end-to-end preparation of a theatre performance. By drawing insights from both previous modules, children are guided to form healthy teams and organise to be able to thrive and deliver a great performance in the time frame allocated for the exercise. Our team is there to help if necessary, but at this point the accent falls on the participants' ability to take ownership and responsibility of a task and follow through.

There is no formal assessment of the performance. Instead, our team will monitor the evolution of each participant throughout the 3 modules and offer personalised feedback, as well as some forward looking ideas.

  • Project Leads: Ella Cincan - VClub Lead, Elena - Executive Sponsor, Marius Chivu - Actor and Lecturer
  • Timeframe: 3 Modules x 3 months
  • Audience: 3-6 and 10-15 year olds
  • Partners: PS2, CNGBC, ISMB - S2, Paiata Band