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Our Approach

In a nutshell.

We believe in mutually beneficial arrangements; deals when society is happy and, with it, all the other stakeholders experience gains as well.

Our projects would be impossible in a vacuum. To deliver our social impact and to grow in proficiencies, we rely on a cross-sector approach that draws on the expertise and competency of specialist stakeholders. Because our social imprint is so bespoke, our projects create opportunities for successful partnerships with organisations ranging from Government institutions, to other non-profits, to large corporations, to start-ups. If you share our commitment and passion, we would love to have a chat with you about how we can coordinate our organisations' efforts to truly amplify our reach.

What our partners love about us

There are a number of traits our partners seemed to appreciate.

Reliable Partnership

We strive to make things as worry-free as possible for our partners. Like many of you, we dislike unnecessary bureaucracy and inefficiencies. Instead, we focus on building trust and long-term integration between our operation and yours.

Social Impact Experts

We are proud with our knowledge of the challenges and opportunities in the social impact space, and which areas are particularly relevant to furthering our Partners' strategy.

Experienced with Stakeholders

Our people have years of experience in negotiating and delivering outcomes. We are proud with our wealth of expertise in stakeholder management and dialogue across industries, making collaboration a joy for all parties involved.


We have a track record in collaborating with our Partners, from taking an idea in its infancy, consolidating it through pilots, absorbing the lessons and coordinating its development into large-scale initiatives.

Established Brand

Over the projects, our brand became known and trusted within organisational and social forums. By collaborating with us, our Partners benefit from our brand equity and from our established relationships with local actors and communities.

Market Insights

Our projects are often potent data sources to explore consumption, patterns, habits, tendencies and biases. Where possible, we share insights with our Partners to gain a deeper understanding into the behaviour of our target audience.

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Main Corporate Benefits

Here are some gains from joining us,
on top of Achieving a Real Social Impact.

Great Exposure

We join corporations to understand where they can best achieve a genuine social impact, fully compatible with their brand and public image.


Our projects are real forums for dialogue between sectors and industries, and often result in subsequent partnerships in the network.

Knowledge in Execution

Facilitating factors, inhibitors, challenges. Information especially important if social impact is an unfamiliar territory for you.

Employee Advantage

In some of our campaigns, we work with our Partner to commission projects that target their own workforce.

Our Friends

Some of our Partners include.
... and we would love to add you on this board.
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Ways to help us as a Corporate Partner

Job Market Knowledge

With some of our key focus areas being education, upskilling and employability, companies can bring an invaluable perspective on the demands in the job market.

Technical Expertise

We do some things really well, but on many others we know that potential Partners like you are true masters. Together we can gain from each others strengths.

Corporate Volunteers

We love working on corporate volunteer schemes when possible. And studies show that participating employees get a performance boost, coupled with increased motivation and fulfilment.

Funding and Resources

Some of our partners are big supporters of our campaigns. Their funding and support has been instrumental in deploying our projects during the years.

Get in touch

If you believe you can help with any of these,
or some other amazing idea, please reach out.
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