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We enjoy thinking of a better tomorrow and act to make it happen. We take a proactive role in the communities we operate in, from small localised activities to large-scale programmes.

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We are The FERM Association.

A growing group that shares a commitment, passion and enthusiasm for improving well-being. Sustainably.
How we started

How we started.We just LOVE good education.

Back in 2011, we saw a growing problem: disengagement with education in marginalised communities. We tried to understand root causes, did a whole lot of research and discovered several improvement opportunities. The curriculum wasn’t quite fit to prepare students for life. The methods used weren’t quite as engaging and student-centric as technology permitted. The approach wasn’t quite personalised to motivate significant demographic segments. We believed some gaps had simple answers, and so our journey began.

What we do

What we do.We stay Relevant.

Together with our Volunteers and Partners, we deployed around 30 projects in a wide range of areas, with initiatives focused on formal & informal education, arts, crafts, sports, social services, heritage preservation, and aid. While we're constantly improving and developing new models to maximise our impact, our high-standards approach is consistent across all our activities. We adopt an outcomes-oriented framework that starts with the deep exploration of an issue, and a clear bias towards sustainable results.

Our Mission and Operations

Our Mission and Operations.Improve Well-being.

We strive to always stay vigilant to spot relevant social issues in their infancy, foolish enough to punch issues above our weight, and competent to keep up with the ever-changing needs of modern communities. Ultimately, we strive to create and maximise social value sustainably. This value can come in many forms and in many sizes. To fully tackle the intricacies and particularities of local communities, our activities range in scale (from most localised to most standardised) and scope (from education to financial aid).

Hours of

Our Work

Some of the Awesome Projects we've worked on.

The 3 Verbs

Family Well-being, Parenting, Education for Life

Our Board

People who have contributed to our impact.
Francisc Marin


Administration (VP)
Petrut Marin


Founder & President
Elena Marin


Operations (VP)

Sharing does not make one charitable

it makes one free.

Our Social Impact Clusters

These are some areas we are passionate about and around which we structured our initiatives.

Education for life

Deliver high-standards, innovative educational solutions that are relevant, engaging and memorable.

Vocation and Skills

Work to reignite participants' passions, build up their skills, and help them find a fulfilling role in society.

Parenting and Family Well-being

Help modern families succeed, stay happy and enable their children to grow ready and enthusiatic about life.


Lead/ participate in initiatives to raise awareness or funds around the social issues we are passionate about.

Cultural Heritage and Ecology

Engage communities in activities that strengthen their cultural identity and environmental ties.

Recreation and Well-being

Organise and champion activities that promote a balanced lifestyle, sports, fitness and healthy eating.

Social Impact Research

Develop, test and deploy models that monitor social impact and optimise organisational resource utilisation.

Volunteer Management

Ensure our volunteers get the experience and guidance needed for their fulfillemnt and growth.


Members, Volunteers and Partners coordinate with local stakeholders to target relevant aid opportunities.

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What do our friends say?

It was a pleasure to work with Peter and his team. They are reliable, efficient and knowledgeable.

Neculai Ontanu Mayor of Bucharest

Looking back I am amazed by how much I achieved with the team, and how much I grew in the process. And I love every minute of it.

Olteanu Maria FERM Volunteer

It was refreshing to participate in one of FERM's activities. The speaker was engaging and had vast expertise, while the facilitators made sure everything went according to plan.

Oana Nicolae Engineer, Parent, and Participant in one of our projects

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