The Big 3 Vs

An accessible dive into self-discovery

Project info:

Project that adopts a holistic approach to education and life-long learning, targeting children, parents and teachers to ensure optimal outcomes.

Based on a series of workshops and lectures, the programme addresses the issues of self-identity and development by exploring 3 essential verbs: to know, to do and to be. This simple yet powerful framework allows the programme to adapt the level of depth to appeal to different audiences, while maintaining a consistent thread in the conversation.

This approach makes difficult questions (about life, happiness, well-being) accessible across the targeted groups, and the ground charted by following the path of the 3 verbs ensures a coordination of effort that fosters strong communication bridges between parents, children and teachers.

  • Project lead: Elena
  • Timeframe: 6 modules, varying in length
  • Audience: Education Triads (Children, Parents and Teachers)
  • Partners: Gradinita "Floare de Colt", Club Mara Foundation