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We're extremely excited to be able to offer you Apollo - an educational programme like no other. We worked hard to keep the content highly relevant for your development, memorable, and super fun. This is our flagship initiative and is the culmination of decades of experience, so we hope you'll enjoy the ride we crafted for you :)

The Apollo Programme is made of 4 inter-connected courses, designed to help participants understand themselves better, become confident, stay happy, and achieve success no matter what path they choose in life. Under the Apollo umbrella, our offering ranges from general/ widely applicable life skills, to more bespoke content for specific scenarios. Ultimately, we’re inviting you on a journey towards complete freedom from anxiety, stress and fear, by supporting you in becoming more aware and better equipped to achieve your ambitions.​ Each module takes between 3 and 5 course days to complete.

A1. Skills for life

Essential concepts behind corporations and economy, techniques and skills for improving productivity and awareness, strategies to thrive under pressure and succeed in any environment.

A2. High Education

Making the right choice on course and university, understnading variation between geographies, requirements, expectations, academic standards, student life, finances and being social.

A3. Start-ups

Comprehensive introduction into the world of entrepreneurship. Models and processes for idea generation, decision making, prototyping, developing, presenting and writing business plans.

A4. Employability

What types of jobs do you have access to, and how to achieve success in the field you’re most interested in. Skills that most modern employers will expect you to have (both hard and soft).

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  • Learn more about yourself through introspective techniques
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  • Learn amazing, relevant things from amazing people
  • Socialise and have fun in a group of pre-selected peers
  • Challenge yourself and sharpen the skills you will need to succeed
  • Become confident and boost your job opportunities with this recognised course

Testimonials Grid

  • Customer Testimonails

    Foarte interesant! Am invatat despre skilluri care chiar cred ca ma ajuta in viata, indiferent ce cariera o sa aleg. Speakeri super si colegi super.

    Dragos Apollo Alumn
  • Customer Testimonails

    Toti speakerii au fost apropiati si au interactionat cu noi. Recomand Apollo oricui e interesat sa afle mai multe despre viata si despre el.

    Cristina Apollo Alumn
  • Customer Testimonails

    Nu ma gandeam ca o sa ajung intr-o corporatie, vorbind la nivelul asta despre politica, economie, etc. decat pe la vreo 30 de ani. Am 17, si iata-ma!

    Victor Apollo Alumn

Events Timeline

Timings Location Events
February Online Registration Opens
March Online Final Confirmation of Course Locations and Schedule
March In-scope High-schools and Online Awareness Campaign Deployment
April Online Preselection of Registered candidates
May - August On location/ In class Modules schedule

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