Some seriously interesting interviews

Project info:

In our surveys, you have always highlighted the problem of school not telling you enough of the road ahead and not preparing you for the career you want. We've listened to you and we've created FastFarward, a programme that brings successful professionals from a number of fields of interest to you, right on your doorsteps.

We've worked hard to pick the right guests from all the career paths you're interested in, people with a really interesting story and a genuine interest in helping students - we hope you're going to love this.

With our guests, we are going to engage in public discussions on topics of particular interest to you (e.g. the satisfactions and disappointments in various jobs, the doubts our guests had when starting, the challenges they overcame, the strengths and skills they needed, etc.) and you'll also get the chance to ask questions and interact directly with them. We hope this will provide you with a real feel for the careers you're thinking of investing your future in, and better inform your decisions going forward.

We're going to invite amazing humans that contribute to:

  • Business, management and economy
  • Medicine and biosciences
  • Engineering
  • IT and Programming
  • Exact sciences
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Design, Marketing and Sales
  • Diplomacy and Politics
  • Law
  • Architecture
  • Film and Theater
  • Many more of relevance to you

How do I sign up?

To make this project really easy to engage with, we're organising the sessions right on your footsteps - by partnering with key high-schools around our location.

To stay up to date with our progress, sessions offered, venues, and registration process, make sure you like our Facebook page. It's that simple, we'll do the rest.

  • Timeframe: 8 interviews over 2 months
  • Audience: High-school students