Vitality on a plate

Who would have thought "healthy", "eco", "cheap", "easy" go so well together?

Project info:

Sessions which explore the tight connection between healthy living and ecology/ environmental awareness. During the talks, participants receive practical and accessible best-practices that, once integrated into everyday life, can save time, money and effort, all while improving nutrition and becoming a positive force in relationship with the environment.

Our speakers engage the audience in topics such as cooking techniques, types of ingredients, and how to balance the diet according to personal needs or goals. Through these lenses, our participants are challenged to observe the environmental opportunities that a healthy lifestyle presents (e.g. responsible buying patterns, minimising waste, recycling, reducing resource and energy consumption, etc.)

From little things, like putting a lid on your pan to make cooking 90% more efficient (thus saving you time and gas), to more advanced information about how to easily prepare the perfect low-carbohydrates dish that will keep you pumped during the day, you'll sure find this journey interesting and rewarding.

  • Project lead: Elena - Executive Sponsor, Dr Petrescu Ioana - SME
  • Timeframe: 1 week course
  • Main Audience: Parents
  • Partners: Gradinita "Floare de Colt"