Master the skills you need

Project info:

We are on a mission to help you achieve success and happiness. That's why we created LevelUP, an accessible series of stand alone workshops to help you boost the skills you want.

The sessions will be led by professionals to really give you a hands on experience and to provide you with the best advice possible to progress your self-development. The topics this year were chosen with your help, through our Education for Life Survey launched in September.

We're going explore questions such as:

  • How can I become financially literate and independent?
  • How can I deliver powerful, engaging and confident presentations?
  • What really motivates me, what makes me happy and truly fulfilled?
  • How should I choose my university and my career?
  • How should I write a CV and prepare for an interview?
  • What are some techniques to work great in teams of peers?
  • How do organisations work and what are the main market opportunities?
  • What do I need to know if I want to start my own business?

How do I sign up?

To make this project really accessible, we're organising the sessions right on your footsteps - by partnering with key high-schools around our location.

To stay up to date with our progress, sessions offered, venues, and registration process, make sure you like our Facebook page. It's that simple, we'll do the rest.

  • Timeframe: 8 workshops over 2 months
  • Audience: High-school students