Student Made Art - workshops and festival

Project info:

Initiative designed to foster creativity and entrepreneurship among high-school students. In partnership with the directorship of local high-schools, we organise a series of workshops to enable students to explore their artistic side through a variety of media, such as painting, drawing, crafting or sowing.

We take an unconventional approach to unlocking teenagers' potential which really pays off. In addition to traditional creative exercises and advice, during the workshops students are able to (under supervision) consult and collaborate with personal "artistic mentors" - a number of charming kindergarten pupils (between 4 and 6 years old).

As a result of these interactions, students were seen to become more aware of their thinking patterns, and in the end reported an increased dexterity in using divergent thinking. Also, we found that the pupils are always very keen to assume the position of superior artistic expertise, and the entire programme is a blast for all parties involved.

  • Project lead: Peter
  • Timeframe: 4 workshops over 2 months, with a final one-day event
  • Audience: High-school students and kindergarten pupils
  • Partners: CNGBC, Gradinita "Floare de Colt"