VClub Bootcamp

High-intensity training programme

Project info:

Intensive 2 weeks of training during which our teams of volunteers have the opportunity to discover in what they enjoy investing time, what they're good at, and how they fit within the wider team. During the time spent together, the participants are put through bespoke real life scenarios, problem solving exercises and team building activities.

We introduce and educate participants on how to successfully adopt an outcome focused approach, and we equip them with a sound foundation in effective communication, presentation, leadership and stakeholder management skills, which they will use extensively within this scheme (and beyond, in their career).

All the activities within this training are designed specifically to reinforce each other and build-up towards the end, when the team is going to graduate into a structured unit responsible for a real life initiative. Throughout the sessions, we encourage self-reflection and team feedback to cement lessons learnt and progression.

  • Project lead: Elena
  • Timeframe: 2 weeks (recurrent, subject to volunteer intake)
  • Audience: VClub Members