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Reasoning behind our surveys:

We are in a constant feedback loop, always looking to best understand our audience and how to best serve emerging needs.

This page is fully dedicated to these efforts. Please take a moment and fill in one of the surveys on the left. The information is dealt with in accordance with Data Protection Policies and is stored securely through Google Apps services.

We are always excited to provide you with the best opportunities possible that can really improve your life. We're working really hard to make sure we stay relevant and our offering is always ahead of your most dire needs. To help us help you, please take a few moments to fill in your appropriate survey.

How do I stay updated?

To stay up to date with our progress, projects in the pipeline, sessions offered, venues, and registration process, make sure you like our Facebook page. It's that simple, we'll do the rest.

  • Activity lead: Peter
  • Timeframe: Ongoing
  • Audience: Various, depending on phase and survey