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Our Ethos

In a nutshell.

We would love to introduce you to our award winning volunteering scheme. We bring people of different backgournds, skills and interests together in synergic teams. Together we evolve, tackle acute social issues, and have loads of fun making an impact.

Unlike the traditional approach used in most organisations, our teams of volunteers are not an addition bolted-in to our main operations. Instead, our volunteering scheme sits at the very core of our mission, therefore we take great care in assuring all the participants get the absolute most out it.

Our scheme is centred around you. From the very early stages of the application, we work with you to understand where you can make a difference to our operation, what your interests are, and how can we help you develop your skills, expand your experience, and make you feel amazing.

VClub Benefits

Once accepted, many opportunities open up.

Make an Impact

Whether your interests are in teaching meditation and relaxation techniques, or your engineering passion longs for opportunities to design sustainable flood barriers, the FERM Association can work with you to ensure your capabilities and interests translate into optimal social outcomes to be proud of.

Learn, experience, grow

The range of opportunities we offer will equip you with life-skills and put you at the centre of the action. From planning and implementing campaigns, forecasting and analysing appetite, budgeting, supervising and training other volunteers, graphic and digital branding. The possibilities are endless and are yours to explore.

Know your best self

This is a journey of discovery along which you may find a new passion, something you're really good at, or something you need to work on. By volunteering, you also engage with the community in a unique way, thus getting a better grip on the real problems and opportunities around you, while immersing yourself in the present.

The joy of being active

Volunteering is unique because it's one of the few things in life you do out of a pure choice, not pressured or forced by circumstances or by others. Consequently, volunteers take ownership of their development path, and express a sense of enthusiasm, achievement and intrinsic motivation in challenging their skills to contribute to society.

Boost your employability

Today's job market is more competitive than ever, and the right volunteering scheme may just give you the advantage you need to stand out. 73% employers will recruit someone with volunteering advantage over someone without. We conduct research and work with our Partners to ensure the experience we provide is relevant on the job market.

Meet amazing people

We bring together people from all walks of life, people of different backgrounds, skills and passions. Our projects' participants as well as our co-workers often hold inspirational insights. Our volunteering scheme is an amazing opportunity to expand your network (both personal and professional) and improve your interpersonal approach.

Although we're quite ambitious, we know can't solve all the problems of the world. But being part of our teams, you'll discover first hand the extraordinary benefits of making our corner of the world just a little bit better.

If you are eager to make an impact in society and feel close to our passion, then this scheme is really a no-brainer.

What we're looking for ⇒ See Other ways to help

We are an enthusiastic group of people, working hard to improve the world around us. Not for some extrinsic rewards, but for the pure, intrinsic joy of doing it. We'd love to be joined by like-minded people, with a potential to develop and grow.

After gaining experience and confidence, we'd like you to take on more responsibility, grow your own network and, ultimately, lead your own projects. But to get there, here are 3 universal characteristics we seek in our candidates.

1. Passion

1. Passion

What makes your heart race a little bit? What makes your voice get louder when you talk about it? It could be anything, any subject. History of Swaziland, or maybe the biology of the Eucaliptus tree, paining, or football. Having a passion is essential to anchor and guide your exploration as a volunteer.

2. Courage

2. Courage

Do you shy away from responsibility? Are you the type of person that enjoys the thrill of trying? We all experience anxiety when exploring uncharted waters, but if you have what it takes to keep trying and growing, then you're like us. With the right training, we'll equip you with all the tools you need to face obstacles.

Why choose Us?

3. Competency

Are you willing to learn, adapt and develop? Are you the go-to person for something in your circle? We like to surround ourselves with people that tirelessly and enthusiastically evolve into their best self. If you are like this, we'd love to help you better understand how this "best self" looks, and support your journey to get there.

And that's about it. We're not asking for much. You need to be enthusiastic about something (anything), have the courage to take calculated risks, and learn from your mistakes until you achieve success. It's that simple. We're sure you have what it takes (probably we're more sure of it than you are at this point).

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We believe in you

And we really look forward to hearing back from you.

Step 1: Reflect on these questions

1. In a perfect world, what are the things I would love spending time on?

2. If I had limitless resources and power, which problems around me I would fix first?

3. What am I really good at? (at least 3 things)

4. What would be great to improve in myself?

5. Within a team, what position do I usually take? (supportive, lead, analysis, etc.)

Give each of these questions a few minutes of thought. Some might be difficult to find an answer to right away - it's normal. Some answers might even change as you evolve - it's expected. Either way, give these points some thought to guide your application (and your life, really).

Step 2: Drop us an Email

We chose not to have a rigid application process. Instead, we invite you to drop us an email, sharing with us a few things about yourself (passions, past experience, future aspirations), what makes you want to volunteer, and what would you like doing. Don't forget to include your contact details and to attach some form of a CV (1-2 pg. will do).

Note that this is the first step to initiate a dialogue with us and see if we can get a mutually beneficial arrangement that you'll love. The application alone does not commit you to anything, so really there are no risks, only potential rewards.

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